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A successful transition to a new healthcare facility is more than just opening doors and turning on lights. Certainly, capital readiness means the building, the equipment, and the technology are ready for patient care, but true readiness means every team member is ready to safely provide outstanding care to every patient – on First Patient Day and beyond.

We know our clients are committed to the health and care of patients. As your capital readiness partner, IMH will honor your commitment to ensuring the facility, operations, and people are ready to provide exceptional care and service on First Patient Day.


FSU Health

Christy Hackerd
Jon Chalfant
Chris Gargala
Sheila Kelty

December 2022 – March 2023 

  • Kick-Off
  • Value Stream Analyses
    • Current State Map including scope of services and hours of operations
    • Ideal State including Evidence-based practice discussion
    • Future State
  • Dependencies and Requirements
    • Staff – roles and functions
    • Location – Direct and proximate adjacency needs
    • Technology & Equipment – foundational, Ideal and Visionary
  • Space Program Planning and Diagrams
  • Functional Program


87-acre parcel of land located at the intersection of State Road 79 and Philip Griffitts Sr Parkway in Panama City Beach, Florida
280,000 square feet
4-story, 100-bed
Acute care hospital featuring emergency, inpatient, ICU, surgical and cardiovascular services, laboratory, diagnostic imaging, pharmacy, and outpatient therapies

“IMH Healthcare has exceeded my expectations with their outstanding attention to detail and innovative project approach. Your highly skilled team of professionals’ ability to seamlessly incorporate our vision and ideas into the designs truly set you apart. It is clear IMH values their clients and takes pride in delivering exceptional work that not only meets but exceeds expectations.”

— Daniel Cavallo Service Line Administrator, Cardiovascular Services Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare

Architect’s Representation – subject to change
Provided by Paul Macheske, FAIA, FACHA, LEED AP, Vice President & Healthcare Principal at HuntonBrady Architects

Between December 2022 and March 2023, Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare (TMH) partnered with IMH Healthcare (IMH) to develop a Functional Program for a new healthcare campus located in Panama City Beach, Florida. Together, we created a Functional Program for the inpatient acute-care hospital on the new Panama City Beach campus to meet the needs of the community and healthcare providers.

IMH led a series of highly structured, targeted Programming workshops. In the first, the TMH executive team developed guiding principles tied to their organizational pillars. These guiding principles were the bedrock on which the project team built the Functional Program.

“Standardization and data-driven best practices are fundamental to the quality, safe, and reliable care we deliver to our communities” is a guiding principle established during programming that is based on TMH’s organizational pillar of Quality, Safety, and Reliability.”

Important themes emerged throughout the programming process:

Systemness: The program represents a significant shift single-hospital system to a multi-hospital system was the common thread. Classifying this theme as systemness, IMH helped TMH view the new hospital as a first major step in transitioning from a single hospital mindset to a multi-hospital system mindset.

Technology Advancement: A deep dive into technology was fundamental to the program. Looking at a shared EHR, interoperability, shared data, and a shared IT team will allow the new greenfield hospital to function efficiently while retaining the technology advances seen at the Tallahassee campus. Bringing in the best technology will allow the new building to be wired for the future and create process efficiencies that are beneficial in a tight labor market.

Economies of Scale: Together, IMH and the TMH team considered the efficiencies and economies of scale that come from the systemness of a multi-hospital system. Doing so allowed TMH to determine where they could leverage organizational design and reporting structures such as sharing of job functions, job roles, automation, and other processes to provide the highest quality healthcare services in an efficient manner. Areas that could benefit from system-level centralization include supply chain, human resources, finance and accounting, patient scheduling and registration, philanthropy, and administration.

The IMH functional programming process helped TMH to right-size departments, services, and square footages by developing a system operations mentality. Through this process, the program reflects a healthcare system grounded in flexibility, automation, and shared processes and job roles/functions. Moving forward, TMH will continue to prioritize a systemness mindset to ensure the success of its entire healthcare organization.

Baptist Health Care

Rick Hood 
Christy Hackerd 
Jon Chalfant 
Caitlin Meek  

Summer 2021 – September 2023 

Operations/Activation Readiness Assessment  
Operating Guides 
Patient Journeys and Workflows 
Process Optimization Facilitation 
Department Readiness Planning and Coordination 
Patient Move Planning and Coordination  
Activation Command Center Planning and Coordination 
Training Planning and Coordination 
Learning Management System Training Modules 
Onsite Training Teaching Aids 

$650 million 
57 acres located at the intersection of Brent Lane and I-110 in Pensacola, Florida 
Three facilities: 
Baptist Hospital: 602,000 square feet, 10 floors with 264 beds 
Bear Family Foundation Health Center: 178,000 square feet, 6 floors with 162 exam rooms 
Behavioral Health Unit: 46,800 square feet, 1 floor with 72 beds